Things to do around Noosaville

Noosaville is popular for being a dynamic location filled with aquatic activities, sparkling waters and high quality bars and restaurants. The nearby Noosa Rivers offers the water aficionados a lot of things to do including marveling at the exceptional waters and natural backdrop. Noosaville is a place well liked by its locals and has a continuous stream of visitors both new and repeat. It is an ideal destination for family trips because it offers safe swimming regions including a friendly and laid back atmosphere. Likewise, Noosa also offers a picturesque site of the canal estate of Noosa Waters.

At Ivory Palms Resort, visitors can easily access a number of tourist attractions. They can also go to a diverse series of eateries and cafes by the riverfront giving their palettes an exceptional trip through different world cuisines. Guests can also walk over to the Gympie Terrace and Thomas Street that is comprised of well known eat streets packed with restaurants offering diverse cuisine from different parts of the world. There’s also contemporary Australian fare for people to try.  From budget eateries to five-star restaurants, buffet and overflowing seafood platter, all of these are accessible just within a few minutes from our affordable Noosa apartments.

Aside from the multitude of gastronomical experiences that visitors can have, there is also an exceptional water view that people staying at our Noosa family accommodation can see. Certainly, nothing beats a full stomach and a stunning view to relax and sleep into as the night progresses. Those up for some shopping for the days of their stay no longer need to look far off because shopping is one of the conveniences provided at Noosaville.

A few blocks from the Ivory Palms Resort, there are several excellent boutiques that visitors can visit and check out. These boutiques retail a wide range of products including beachwear, shoes, clothes specific for a number of occasions and even surfboards. Getting to and from Noosaville is very easy because there are water crafts and Noosa ferries made available to guests. With diverse cuisine, breathtaking views and exceptional shopping experience, Noosaville is a place to visit.

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